Namaste Gluten Free Foods

Namaste Foods logo

Have you noticed the new grocery isles that contain Gluten Free Foods? When I thought gluten, I thought bland, healthy, tasteless, etc. Why would I buy Gluten Free Foods? Then, I  was diagnosed with End Stage Liver Disease and my doctor told me that I had to watch everything that I ate and drank. I searched online for foods that did not contain gluten, wheat, peanuts, among several other food additives. This is how I found Namaste Gluten Free Foods.

I contacted Namaste Gluten Free Foods and waited for my first box of Namaste Gluten Free Foods. Ordering food from their website was the option I went with, as there was not a local store in which I could shop in.

My first box of gluten free foods contained;

Namaste Gluten Free Brownie MixBrownie Mix

Namaste Gluten Free Pizza Crust MixPizza Crust Mix (I have not made this yet)

Namaste Gluten Free Pasta Pisavera DinnerPasta Pisavera Dinner (I have not made this yet)Namaste Give away

GIVEAWAY: In the comment section, tell us why you want to try Namaste Foods products and ONE winner will be randomly selected to receive a Namaste gift tote filled with Namaste products and gluten free resources (see image below).


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