About Me

I started blogging because I was tired of taking things back to the stores and I have plenty of time on my hands. Now I do it because I’m addicted! It’s also a good venue to meet new friends.

I would like to introduce you to my family. (below)

Congrats to Chuck and Kelley

This is my little sister, she got the brains, the body and the beauty. Oh, and she got the good hair too. She recently purchased her first house in Dracut, Ma. and we are all so proud of her…..You go girl.

Kelley and her Fiance, Chuck (below) Congrats to the two of you.


Another rainy day in Massachusetts. Perfect day to tell you about Chance!

I have end stage liver disease and am on the transplant list at UMass Memorial Hospital. With this disease, I had to leave my job and UMass Medical School.

In 2010, when I was first diagnosed, I was a wreck. Several weeks later, out of loneliness, I found myself at the Animal Rescue League in Worcester. I had lost Mr. B (Bailey) in a freak accident.

I wanted a lap dog, my BF wanted a “real” dog. He sent me an email “bio” of a dog that had been in the shelter for months. Apparently, she was a severely abused dog, she was growling and barking when we went to see her. I though OH NO. Something about this dog called “Smoochies” that ate at my heart. She was our new family member that week.

First, let me tell you about how we had to drag her past the other dogs and people, without her lunging, drooling, growling at everyone. I was a little afraid to put her in my car with me.  I overheard a couple saying “is she really taking that dog?”



Long story short, her first day home “Smootchies” tried to eat one of my neighbors (just a minor rip in his pantleg) OMG, will we have to give Smootchies back? I gave her a “talking to”this is your last chance and that is how Chance got her new name.

Sometimes “Chance is good.” She is our protector and companion.

She is just so smart. She knows how to get in the shower, torment our cat (they are actually friends now) find the mouse, along with several other talents. She is also a savior of sorts, if you are floating on any type of raft, she needs to swim out, pop your float, and drag you in. We no longer take her boating! She sings to each wave or wake, or pretty much everything.

We took a chance on this girl and have no regrets about Chance.