Candi Aromatic Infusions- Aromatic Infusions Natural Soy Candles “UpCycled” Glass

Uncorked Candles, candles with a cork


Aromatic Infusions

Mason City, IA, United States

Prices vary upon the type of item.

I love anything quirky and fun. If you know anyone who loves wine and candles, this is your place. Aromatic Infusions is not limited to candles, there are soaps and tumblers too. I came across them on my search for Soy Candles. I was burning inexpensive, even expensive candles and happened to wash a tiny part of my kitchen wall. Hours of elbow grease later, I swore off all candles that burn sooty.

The world has too much trash! UpCycled Style & Aromatic Infusions hopes to change that. An eco-friendly, green company. All of their glass work is at least 50% re-purposed glass, hence UpCycled Style. Stunning glass colors. Re-cycled shipping materials from other vendors. Their goal is to turn the planet green…one piece of trash at a time.

“Uncorked” a name so appropriate for…

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