BOOM, By Cindy Joseph

BOOM! BY CINDY JOSEPHIf you read, watch TV, listen to radio, you have heard of Cindy Joseph. I had the opportunity to try some of Cindy’s products. What I really like about BOOM is that it’s for real people, it works, and it’s affordable. I really enjoyed reading Cindy’s story. She knew what she wanted to do and against all odds, actually did it!

Take a peek at Cindy’s BOOM Products.

It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time. It’s BOOM.Just Cindy Boom

In 1999, at the age of 49, Cindy was approached on the street by a casting agent to model for Dolce and Gabbana photographed by Steven Meisel. That ignited her modeling career with Ford Models Inc. , which continues to flourish today.

Cindy emphasizes the fact that, if given the right tools, anyone can look fantastic!

Along side her modeling career, Cindy writes a monthly blog, “Just Cindy”, for Experience Life Magazine, as well as a column in their news stand issue. She brings a new voice to the magazine, with a fresh and provocative perspective.


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