Rant / Rave, December 2013

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December 9, 2013

I do try to R&R daily. Time was so limited this weekend in getting ready for the BIG STORM that was coming our way. We were told was coming by our smiling weather people on TV. This, like most storms, turned out to be a little over an inch. In New England terms, a dusting.

I still found myself in a sea of people at the supermarket stocking up for food in the chance that we are snowed in. Are we all shopping for that proverbial gallon of milk? For some reason, we think we will not be able to survive unless we fill our carts up with so called necessities…chips, muffins, cookies, etc.

I’m only shopping for the Patriot’s game! What a freaking awesome game it was. Normally, I couldn’t be bothered watching it but, my son…

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