Time for another toy.

Chance, the Dog with a Blog

Healthy + Happy. 
Make pampering your pooch fun and easy with a surprise gift box of yummy treats and fun toys delivered right to your door every month with free shipping.  Want to surprise your pup with a PoochPax? Starting at Just $19 a month.

Chance’s Review of PoochPax
I loved every single item that came in the box.If I had to describe what doggie heaven was in one word, it would be PoochPax. I shared a bunch of my treats with a real life service dog. Remind me why I invited this dog over? The heathen ate them all! The Customer Service Representative for PoochPax was able to answer all of my questions and let me tell them my size, which determines what goes into my box. Way cool. I would definitely order from them again.

Contact PoochPax Customer Care Number: 415-323-0140 Email:customercare@poochpax.com
PoochPax,415 Sylvia…

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