Rant / Rave, December 2013


Smile for no reason, it goes a long way.

December 9, 2013

I do try to R&R daily. Time was so limited this weekend in getting ready for the BIG STORM that was coming our way. We were told was coming by our smiling weather people on TV. This, like most storms, turned out to be a little over an inch. In New England terms, a dusting.

I still found myself in a sea of people at the supermarket stocking up for food in the chance that we are snowed in. Are we all shopping for that proverbial gallon of milk? For some reason, we think we will not be able to survive unless we fill our carts up with so called necessities…chips, muffins, cookies, etc.

I’m only shopping for the Patriot’s game! What a freaking awesome game it was. Normally, I couldn’t be bothered watching it but, my son was at the game. I kept scanning the crowd in the slim chance he’d get his 15 seconds of fame.

I am all for going green, I recycle everything.

Please visit Stitch Fix.

December 7, 2013

Another birthday has come and gone, I’m 46.. I’m really looking forward to Christmas with my Family. We have the most fun doing our Yankee Swap. The cheesier the better. I have the best gift of all. I would tell you what it is but, my family reads this.

Mad Hippie

One bottle of Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil is still left. Jesse Junko Beardslee, Designer, Owner, and Creative Genius of Themis and Thread has won the first bottle. Make sure you click on my Mad Hippie review. Why do you want the last bottle of their Antioxidant? Keep it short and sweet, please.

NESCO bread machine will be up for grabs soon. I am just waiting for UPS.

December 3, 2013

Let’s talk Bread Makers. I’ll have all the details to enter the drawing on my blog this week.

Also, think mason jars!

Go crazy, go mad, go Mad Hippie Facial Products.

Lastly, I will be announcing the winner for a Lotus Yoga Tank from Cozy Orange this week.

email me with questions: lisakane (dot) checkinguout (at) gmail (dot) com

December 1, 2013

Natural Green Logo Get 10% off your order when you use coupon code LISA001.

Don’t forget to follow me for sales and giveaways. Sometimes I won’t announce a drawing, I will simply contact you.

It wasn’t me…

After spending a few well needed days with Mum, I came home to find that “somebody” had paid me a visit. I know this because I one of my packages was missing from inside of the house.

Clearly my bf didn’t take the box, it was full of makeup, which did not prevent me from asking. You never know. I asked “everybody” if they had seen this box. I also asked the usual cast of characters, it wasn’t me and I didn’t do it. Apparently, “somebody” took it and “Nobody” is getting the blame.

I’m going to be introducing you to a new character…”where did you lose it?”

Stay tuned.


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