California Delicious Gift Boxes and Baskets

I received a gift basket in the mail this morning from My camera is on the “fritz” so this image  does not convey how beautiful it looks in “real life.” It came in a beautiful, sturdy crate style box. In the California Delicious Gift Basket were Nunes Farms Fancy Nuts; Almonds (Sweet Chitpole, Roasted with Sea Salt, Honey, and Honey Cinnamon), Roasted Salted Cashews (2 boxes) Roasted Salted Pistachios. Also included were beautiful Green and Red Apples, as well as huge California Oranges!!  And they topped it off with a beautiful bow. I can’t take another picture of the complete basket, because “someone” broke into it! 😉

California DeliciousAt California Delicious they believe that life is an occasion to celebrate! From birthdays and anniversaries to welcoming that new baby or to simply saying thanks, they take pride in helping customers send their very best wishes. California Wine Baskets, Gourmet Food Gifts, Fresh Fruit Baskets, and Decadent Chocolate Gift Baskets are filled with some of California’s greatest treasures. Visit them today at California Delicious and give a gift to someone me!

Golden Godiva Tower Last Minute Gifts

We make sure a last minute gift is a fantastic gift! Any of these great gift basket options make a fabulous first impression- Choose from gourmet chocolate, food, wine or fruit baskets.

Make someone’s life delicious!


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