Harry’s November Shave of the Month

I love my new Orange Harry’s Winston Shaver. I will miss the blanket I call hair on my legs. We have a boat and seeing that I can’t remember the last time I shaved, this gave me a good excuse. Yes, I know it’s still freezing out. Nothing like planning ahead!

Harry's Orange RazorAfter shaving my legs, apparently, I’m hairier than I thought. It took almost 30 minutes to get the perfect shave. I even shaved my armpits! This “task” took two razor blades, no not all time was spent on my arm-pits! The blades changed in a cinch. Harry’s Shaver is very durable. It withstood me dropping the razor several times. The handle of the razor is zinc alloy with a coating to prevent most slipping. 😉 The shiny Winston, is made of lightweight aluminum

I had to refer to the instructions for the shaving cream. I honestly thought only old men used shaving cream. Or was that after-shave? Harry’s Shaving Cream gave me nice, outdoorsy scented legs. Wow, rubbing my legs together was pure Extasy. 😉

This would be an awesome gift for the guy or gal that has everything! I was really happy with the shape and the mobility of the head of the razor.

Check out Harry’s and get one of your own.

Harry's Shaving Kit


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