Sapling Naturals Goat’s Milk Soap with Silk

Sapling Naturals Bar Soap with Goat's Milk and Silk 4

Sapling Naturals is a mother-daughter company. Mom, Jane, makes the fabulous soaps and daughter (Renee) makes felted monsters, designs all the packaging and does the shipping and all the “internet stuff.” I’m still trying to figure out what the felted monsters are for. Maybe a child’s “washcloth type” of product. They are rather cute!

They have been on Etsy for years as fortheloveofcrafts and monkeysnuggles with lots of great feedback, so you can buy with confidence

Image Be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Hurry and order before they are gone and you find that you’d make a yummy Zombie Snack!

The zombie apocalypse is imminent, I think we can all agree on that. Are you prepared? Along with stores of food and weapons you should have their Zombie Survival Kit. The goat’s milk soap contains special ingredients to mask your (oh so delicious) human scent, as well as ZOM-PEL zombie repellent and ZOMBEX anti viral would wash to keep any minor scrapes or scratches from turning you into one of the walking dead.

Besides the scent, the eye catching colors, and the ability to clean without drying my skin, the top of the bars are just wicked cool. It’s like frosting on my soap! These are great as Bridal Shower Gifts, Birthdays, Holidays, or when you just want a gift for that person who has everything.

Sapling Naturals Bar Soap with Goat's Milk and Silk Bar Soap ImagesOut of all of the soap products that I’ve tried, Sapling Naturals is my Fav!

 Make sure you like them on Facebook and follow them on Etsy.

Sapling Naturals Bar Soap with Goat's Milk and Silk FB LOGO


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