I found BOBEAM strictly by accident and am glad I found them. Laquita keeps her costs low and her product quality high.

I contacted her after finding her site on Etsy. She was more than happy to help me with my hair dilemma. She and I have similar hair types.  It took about two days for the shampoos to come in the mail.

BOBEAM Honey Oats Shampoo Bar  Honey Oats Shampoo Bar
BOBEAM Honey Shea Shampoo Bar

Honey Shea Shampoo Bar

BOBEAM has several different types of Shampoo Bars to choose from.

My boyfriend loves these. His job is mainly outdoors and the shampoo bars give his scalp that added extra cleaning.

I love taking these with me  on trips. Avoid the messy shampoo bottles and switch to a BOBEAM Shampoo Bar. Try one of her many different shampoo bars.


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