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Thanks to my “model” Ryan Prentiss for being a good sport and model.

My son scoffed some of my Mixed Tees and has promised to take pics. I won’t hold my breath on that though.

The Mixed Tees are super comfy, so far they have passed the “washer” test. My BF wore two of them to work, no, not at the same time. He’s a wood guy, cuts trees and logs them. (My selfless plug) My point is that he goes through tee shirts at an unbelievable rate. I have more “rags” than I know what to do with. I have to use really strong detergent to get his work clothes “everything he owns” clean. So far, Mixed Tees has passed and have not made it to the rags pile.

I purposely look for loose threads, image peels, irregulars, and other defects. I found none on all six of the shirts. Pretty impressive dontchya think?

You really can’t beat the prices and quality from Mixed Tees.

go to http://www.facebook.com/mixedtees for pricing, sales, and availability.

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Ryan Prentiss and Mixed Tees  Mixed Tees Dexter Shirt Image
For any of you Dexter fans are you as pissed as I am that they Killed of Dexter’s sister Deb?

Mixed Tees Wow tee shirt imageMixed Tees Gallifrey University Shirt ImageMixed Tees Pyramid Tee Shirt


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