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Cream Eyeshadows SHIMMERSTICK TUBE Collection


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Materials: Beeswax, Mica, Silica Microspheres, Jojoba Oil,and Oxides

$5.00 each Tube of Eye Color,

25 Colors to choose from …

At the time of checkout in the [NOTES TO SELLER], please let them know what 3 colors of lipsticks you’d like.

Easy to apply. I love the the cream eye colors, easy to apply, no fly away flakes under your eyes.

Now in a convenient tube…so easy to apply! Cream eye-shadows are sometimes difficult to work with but not in this manner! You are going to love it. Just sweep some color on and smudge and blend out the edges. The pressure of your hand will determine the intensity of the color. The saturation, sparkle, and intensity of cream eyeshadow is addictive. You will love the perfect marriage of convenience and beauty this applicator allows you – look great all day long for a fraction of the cost.

Performance Colors Shimmerstick colors


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