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Cozy Chic Unique Newspaper Print Jersey Cotton Stretch Summer Vacation Cocktail Dress Black&whiteWelcome to Sissi Couture! All the dresses in her shop are designed by her and her mother. They keep prices low and customers happy with high quality items. All items are carefully crafted to assure 100% satisfaction for each and every customer! All of their sizing is accurate and what you see in the picture is exactly what you get. They believe that each lady deserves to look amazing at any special event!

I love Sissi Couture’s chic newspaper print dress (black & white). This is a cotton lined dress with a spaghetti strap that goes around the back of the neck. The lining was heavy enough to allow the fabric move with you, without the side effects of static cling. This is a great dress for a cruise or a stroll on the beach.

Newspaper worth wearing.

Sissi’s Customer Service was great. They helped me with sizing, it only took a few days to ship, they called me to make sure that I was happy with the dress and that it fit. I looked for loose seams, frays, any imperfections, and there were none.

I give them a CHECKINGUOUT review of 8, 10 being the best.

           Sexy "Nasty Gal" style Vintage Wave Print, Black n' White Cross Criss Designed Knit Mini Party Dress, Dating Dress,Birthday Gift, Club Wear           

All of Sissi Couture Ready-to-Wear dresses are in the US, will be shipped in 1 business day except the pre-order and custom-order dresses(will be shipped in 2 weeks).
Sissi quit her job to start a Formal Dresses Couture Studio.Sissi’s Formal Closet was created back when Sissi was a little girl. Ann, Sissi’s mother, began her career as an artist, however after she gave birth to her one and only daughter, Sissi, she switched to fashion design.
Ann’s motivation to switch to a fashion designer was not because she was sick of art, but because she wanted her beautiful daughter to have clothing that matched her inner and outer beauty. Ann imagined dresses that couldn’t be found in any store, so she then started to make all of Sissi’s formal attire by hand.After a while, all of Sissi’s friends’ parent’s began asking where she had found all her clothing. When they discovered that Ann was hand making them, they began asking for clothing for their own children as well. Eventually, Ann decided to open her own shop and create clothing not only for Sissi, but for everyone else to enjoy.As time went on and Sissi grew into a sophisticated, young adult, she decided to carry on her mother’s store, helping make and design all the dresses.
Sissi News printed dress