Magically Divine

Magically Divine, Los Angeles, CA, United States (Alternative & Holistic Health)

I have cathedral ceilings in my home, so it’s impossible to contain one smell to just one part of the house. I normally burn two or more at one time, so I chose to burn the Health and Peace Candles. The mix of the two candles is a wonderful blend of Lavender, Gardenia, Coconut Lime and just a subtle hint of  the Lemon Verbena.

For those of you whose mods and emotions vary with smells, this blend whispers at you to relax. I love the stone that was chosen for me “The Bloodstone.” This stone represents Detoxifying, Grounding, and Healing, having End-Stage-Liver-Disease, I need all the help I can get.  🙂

I love how their candle covers are vented so they can also be used as air fresheners.
I grew up in NH  and we had two acres of land that touched upon farm land. As I kid, I’d walk the fields, find a hay bale and watch the clouds as sun beamed down on my belly and had no worries. These candles took me back to that mindset.

Health- Reiki Healing Candle

Health – Scent: HEALTH- Coconut Lime and Lemon Verbena
Color: GREEN

Peace- Reiki Healing Candle

Scent: PEACE- Lavender and Gardenia
Color: BLUE

100% Pure SOY WAX Candle, Net weight 4 oz. Burn time approximately 20-30 hours
Candles are wrapped in a beautiful gold organza bag

All candles are charged with REIKI HEALING ENERGY

*Remove the insert on the lid to use candle as an air freshener*

CHARM CANDLES are hand-poured and handmade, with lots of love, in Los Angeles, CA by MAGICALLY DIVINE. All candles have been carefully put together using the appropriate scents and colors to help manifest the specific purpose of each candle. They have also been charged and blessed with healing energy by a Reiki Master. When lighting the candle for the first time visualize your intention so it can manifest itself in your life.

Some frosting is expected in all pure soy candles; it’s a specific and inevitable quality of 100% soy wax. Glass jar is reusable, just wash the jar with warm water and soap after the candle has consumed itself.

All Scents are also available in a 16 oz jar and come with a custom made healing necklace.

***Buy 3 large candles (16 oz jar) and receive a free wick trimmer***


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