Soul Essence Candle Company, Salisbury, MA

The Soul Essence Candle Company began in March of 2012. Babette McCarthy started by making candles for family and friends and than decided to turn it into a business. Her candles are 100% soy.
The Apple Harvest scent was a wonderful blend of Green Apple and, I think, a bit of peppermint and cinnamon and it burned nice and slowly.  This candle gives plenty of burn time. My home smelled as if an apple pie was baking in the oven.  I also have one of their Fresh Raspberry candles. I have not yet tried this one, but I am bias to berries. The smell without it burning is amazing. I reminds me of the candy sticks that my sister and I used to get at penny candy stores. The medium sized candles come in a nice sized mason jar.
Soul Essence Candles are wonderful for gifts or just to pamper yourself with  fragrant, sweet and aromatic fragrances.
The packaging could be more consistent, the candle labels were different. I would not have known that these were from the same company had I not read the jars.

The prices of the candles range from $8.00 and up. Shipping fees were $5.00.
Soul Essence Candles, 35 True Road Salisbury MA 01952 /
I don’t condone leaving burning candles unattended or without adult supervision. 😉

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