What is CheckingUOut? It’s a place to find a humble and honest opinion about all the wonderful products being offered in this great, overwhelming online marketplace. I believe that it’s better to know exactly what something is like before you invest your hard-earned dollars on it so I’m here, ready and willing, to do the research for you. Think of me as your saving grace from having to go through that pesky predicament of not knowing what to gift someone or worse yet, that disappointing product return.

Announcements, sales and new stuff, etc.!!

There is always something new being invented. I will never have to remember how to parallel park, worry about backing into my mailbox again, mash potatoes, and my all time favorite, start my car. What’s your favorite?

I am pleased to welcome Themis and Thread to my blog. Click on my link to learn more about this company.

Aromatic Items

Candles have been used for light and to illuminate man’s celebrations for more than 5,000 years, yet little is known about their origin. Some scents not only smell fantastic but, they can change your mood as well.

Baking & Cooking

You can’t  flip ‘though the channels with without seeing one cooking show after another. With the right equipment, I think I can master this.

Boxes & Baskets

I love to find unique gift boxes and baskets.

Cleaning products that won’t clean you out

I am a bleach addict. It took me several years to finally admit this. Just because it smells like bleach, or some other awful chemical, does not make it clean, or safe to use. See the naughty list of chemicals that we use all the time.
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Clothing & Accessories

The Industrial Revolution, of course, had a huge impact on the clothing industry.  As a result, clothes became drastically cheaper, leading to people having significantly larger wardrobes and contributing to the constant change in fashion that we still see today Let’s face it, a fig leaf just doesn’t really make much of a fashion statement.

Cool Stuff & Inventions

The good, the bad, and the soon to be forgotten.

Hair, Face, & Body

The title says it all.

Healthy Living

I swear every morning that I’ll get on my treadmill, eat healthier, etc. This goal never usually comes to fruition. This is clearly not my fault. My treadmill is haunted and it needs an exorcism. Until then, it serves as a very convenient place to hang my “do not dry” apparel. I can however; change my eating habits.

Hunter’s Paradise

Will you shoot something already!

Massachusetts, Made in

After a long day of blogging, on occasion my staff and I visit Eateries in Massachusetts that we have never tried before.   I want to share these experiences with you, well not all of our experiences. Recommend a restaurant!!

Nail It

Nail polish sales have skyrocketed since 2011, and historically nail polish and colors denoted class from ancient China to Victorian England. Tune in to learn how Revlon turned modified auto paint into a billion-dollar beauty industry.


Yoga originated in India within the Hindu culture. Nobody knows exactly “who” invented it. Though all the details of the ancient civilization of India are not available to us, sacred texts, collectively referred to as the Vedas are sacred to Hindu religion.

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